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High Power USB Chargers

TA202 Series

The High Power TA202 chargers simultaneously provide 15 watts of power per charging port. Single and dual USB-C and USB-A configurations keep pilots and passengers’ devices charged and connected. View all USB Charging Ports
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  • Output Current: 15 watts / 3 amps per port
  • Input Voltage: 10 – 32 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 5 VDC ± 0.25 per port
  • Simultaneously charge smartphones, iPads, tablets and EFBs at full power
  • Ideal for in-seat, cabin, cockpit and galley USB power
  • Multiple configurations include USB-C and USB-A connectors, single and dual port, lighted and non-lighted options
  • Short circuit, power surges, overload and over temperature protection
  • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas, USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (details)
  • FAA TSO Certified


Part Numbers 6430202-1, 6430202-2, 6430202-3, 6430202-4, 6430202-5, 6430202-6, 6430202-7, 6430202-8, 6430202-9, 6430202-10
Lighted Part Numbers 6430202-11, 6430202-12, 6430202-13, 6430202-14, 6430202-15, 6430202-16, 6430202-17, 6430202-18, 6430202-19, 6430202-20
Input Voltage 10 – 32 VDC
Input Power 18 W per port (maximum)
Output Voltage 5 VDC ± 0.25 per port
Output Current 3.0 amps per port
USB Connector USB-A and/or USB-C;
single and dual
Weight 0.8 ounces (23 grams); Single
1.3 ounces (38 grams); Dual
Dimensions 1.5” W x 0.52” H x 1.25” D; Single
1.5” W x 1.03” H x 1.25” D; Dual
Mating Connector Kit MCI P/N 9017960 (included)
Mounting Front or rear; faceplates and adapter plates (optional)
Installation In-seat, cabin, cockpit and galley
Part Number Mounting USB Shape Size
9017897 Front Dual Square 1.75” W x 1.75" H
9017958 Rear Dual Square 1.35” W x 1.35” H
9019351-1 Rear Single Rectangular 1.35” W x 1.00" H
9019384-3 Rear Single Circular 1.35” Diameter
9019384-4 Rear Dual Circular 1.50” Diameter
Adapter Plates
Part Number Mounting USB Shape Size
9017947 Rear Dual Instrument 2.25" Diameter
Dust Covers
Part Number Color USB Connector Length
9019313-1 Black Single USB-A 2.56”
9019313-2 Gray Single USB-A 2.56”
Case Anodized aluminum, black
Certification FAA TSO C71


Lighted USB Charging Port Configurations

Part Numbers Connector(s) Power Input
6430202-11 Dual; USB-A / USB-C Rear
6430202-12 Dual; USB-A / USB-C Bottom
6430202-13 Dual; USB-C / USB-C Rear
6430202-14 Dual; USB-C / USB-C Bottom
6430202-15 Dual; USB-A / USB-A Rear
6430202-16 Dual; USB-A / USB-A Bottom
6430202-17 Single; USB-C Rear
6430202-18 Single; USB-C Bottom
6430202-19 Single; USB-A Rear
6430202-20 Single; USB-A Bottom

Non-lighted USB Charging Port Configurations

Part Numbers Connector(s) Power Input
6430202-1 Dual; USB-A / USB-C Rear
6430202-2 Dual; USB-A / USB-C Bottom
6430202-3 Dual; USB-C / USB-C Rear
6430202-4 Dual; USB-C / USB-C Bottom
6430202-5 Dual; USB-A / USB-A Rear
6430202-6 Dual; USB-A / USB-A Bottom
6430202-7 Single; USB-C Rear
6430202-8 Single; USB-C Bottom
6430202-9 Single; USB-A Rear
6430202-10 Single; USB-A Bottom


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Product Brochure
Electrical Power Systems
Commercial Aviation

Installation Manual
IM 9017899

Technical Drawing
OL 6430202

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