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TS835 Series

Emergency Power Supply

The TS835 Series Emergency Power Supply features an advanced NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion cell chemistry that offers distinct advantages over older, lead-acid designs. This includes a 63% weight savings, reduced maintenance costs and an improved 8-year life expectancy.
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  • Automatically provides 24.5 VDC power for critical or standby equipment in the event of aircraft power failure
  • 4.5 amp-hour NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion battery
  • The TS835-5 includes an integrated 3.0 – 5.5 VDC adjustable output
  • Utilizes advanced NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion technology — an energy storage solution with superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium-ion chemistries
  • Maintains full charge by recharging during normal flight operations
  • Lightweight — 63% lighter than legacy lead-acid designs
  • Direct replacement for L-3 Avionics/JET PS-835 or PS-855 (same rack mount and connector)
  • Two-year maintenance schedule
  • 8-year (average) life expectancy
  • Part 23 AML STC certified
  • Designed and built in Wichita, Kansas USA
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • FAA TSO Certified


Model Number TS835-1 TS835-5
Part Number MD835-1 MD835-5
National Stock Numbers (NSN) 6130-01-665-4173 N/A
Capacity 4.5 amp-hour battery nominal
Input Voltage 24 – 32 VDC, 7.0 amps max
Output Power 24.5 VDC nominal, 20 amps max 24.5 VDC nominal, 20 amps max

3.0 – 5.5 VDC adjustable lighting output, 5.0 amps max
Weight 4.8 lbs — 8 pounds lighter than legacy lead-acid designs
Dimensions 3.1” H x 12.7” L x 2.4” W (approximate)
Life Expectancy 8 years (average)
Protection Factory replaceable fuse
Mating Connectors DPXB13-33S-0001 (MCI P/N 9016600-2 or 9016600-5)
Rack Mount Installation 1/4 ATR rack (MCI P/N 5120-107-C01)
Optional Vent Kit MCI P/N 9017983
Remote Test Switch Remote-mounted self-test switch required
MCI P/N 9017176 or equivalent
Case Anodized aluminum, blue
Certification FAA TSO C179a certified
EASA ETSO C179a certified
ANAC TSO C179a certified
Part 23 AML STC certified
RTCA/DO-160F qualified
RTCA/DO-311 qualified


Fliers and Brochures
TS835 Series Product Flier
FAQ Brochure

Installation Manual
IM 9016798

Technical Drawing
OL MD835

Safety Data Sheet

Service Bulletins
SB MD835-01


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Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Support Guide*

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The NanoPhosphate® Lithium-ion Advantage


Superior power by weight or volume in a cost effective solution


NanoPhosphate® is stable chemically, providing the foundation for safe systems


Excellent calendar and cycle life with consistent performance over extended use


Higher useable energy means greater battery utilization and lower cost