A123 Nanophosphate® Lithium-ion Cells and Solutions

As the worldwide distributor of A123 Systems’ Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cells for the aviation industry, True Blue Power sells custom-design power solutions to qualified OEMs, battery development and service organizations.

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For more information about custom solutions, contact a True Blue Power Technical Specialist.

True Blue Power sells FAA TSO and non-TSO lithium-ion cells through a simple order process.

Inverters and Emergency Power Supplies

TC2, TC3 lithium cells and custom solutions are not available through this distribution network.

True Blue Power® inverters and emergency power supplies are sold to qualified avionics/instrument shops, FAA repair stations, FBOs and OEMs.

If you are not a business, please locate a dealer in your area or contact a distributor from the list below: