Press Releases

10/12/2016 FAA Issues First Ever STC for Lithium-ion Main Ship Batteries to True Blue Power
07/24/2016 Lancair Evolutions Fly with True Blue Power® Lithium-ion Batteries
07/20/2016 Get Cold, Hard Cash at EAA AirVenture 2016
07/12/2016 Scorpion Flies with Lithium-ion Batteries
06/07/2016 True Blue Power and Avmax Certify Lithium-ion Battery on Twin Otter Aircraft
04/27/2016 True Blue Power Announces Series of High-Powered USB Charging Ports, Powers Current and Next-Generation Electronic Devices
04/27/2016 True Blue Power Introduces Two New Converters
02/29/2016 True Blue Power® Lithium-ion Battery Powers Bell 505 Jet Ranger XTM, Advanced Technology Systems
11/16/2015 True Blue Power® Lithium-ion Batteries Enter Service on R1 Airlines, Bombardier Dash 8
Series Aircraft
11/16/2015 True Blue Power® Lithium-ion Main Aircraft Batteries to Power Beechcraft Bonanzas
10/06/2015 True Blue Power® and Avmax Receive Part 25 STC, Advanced Lithium-ion Battery to Power Bombardier Dash 8 Aircraft
08/03/2015 Burt Rutan Selects True Blue Power® for New SkiGull Design
05/11/2015 Avmax Group of Companies partners with True Blue Power® to certify lithium-ion main ship battery for Dash-8 aircraft
04/28/2015 True Blue Power® to secure STC for lithium-ion main ship battery on Cessna 208 and 208B Caravans
02/25/2015 Phoenix Heliparts Partners with True Blue Power® to Certify Lithium-ion Main Ship Battery for Rotorcraft
10/20/2014 Innovation Brings Safe, Certified, Nanophosphate® Lithium Batteries to New Business Aircraft
03/12/2014 True Blue Power® Announces New 250-Watt Inverter
02/25/2014 True Blue Power® TB17 is First Ever TSO-Certified Lithium-ion Engine Start, Main Ship Battery
10/21/2013 True Blue Power® Announces Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries for Business and General Aviation
10/21/2013 True Blue Power® To Host Lithium Batteries 101 Education Series
03/26/2013 True Blue Power® Paving the Way for Certified Lithium-ion Products in Aviation
06/27/2012 Mid-Continent Instrument Company Signs Agreement with A123 Systems to Supply Advanced Nanophosphate® Lithium-ion Battery Technology for Aviation Applications
04/04/2012 True Blue Power® Adds High-power, 1200-watt Static Inverter
to Growing Power Management Line
04/04/2012 True Blue Power® Certifies Another 28-volt Lithium Emergency Power Supply
with 5-volt Output
04/04/2012 True Blue Power® Introduces New and Improved Battery Tester, Charger
10/07/2011 True Blue Power® Provides MD835 Lithium Emergency Power Supply
for Upgraded Nextant 400XT
07/25/2011 Mid-Continent Instruments taps John Gallman to lead True Blue Power® division
07/13/2011 True Blue Power® signs agreement with Eurocopter to supply emergency power systems
07/07/2011 Mid-Continent Instruments celebrates groundbreaking ceremony
10/19/2010 Mid-Continent Instruments unveils new line of power supply products
09/13/2010 Mid-Continent Instruments receives AML STC for first lithium emergency power supply
07/14/2010 Mid-Continent Instruments' MD50 Static Inverter receives TSO certification
04/07/2010 Mid-Continent Instruments receives TSO for lithium emergency power supply
10/19/2009 Mid-Continent Instruments partners with AeroMech, certifies new lithium
emergency power supply
04/01/2009 Mid-Continent Instruments unveils lighter option for power management
04/01/2009 Mid-Continent Instruments introduces revolutionary technology

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