A123 Systems
Safety begins with chemistry. A123 Systems’ Nanophosphate® is stable chemically, which provides the foundation for safe systems while meeting the most demanding customer requirements. Multiple layers of protection are employed at the chemistry, cell and system level to achieve an energy storage solution with superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium-ion chemistries.

The Nanophosphate® Advantage


Superior power by weight or volume in a cost effective solution


Nanophosphate® is stable chemically, providing the foundation for safe systems


Excellent calendar and cycle life with consistent performance over extended use


Higher useable energy means greater battery utilization and lower cost

  • Fast charge capable
  • Enables smaller, lighter battery pack
  • Consistent power over wide state of charge (SOC) range for greater pack utilization
  • Superior safety and abuse tolerance compared to metal oxide lithium ion chemistries
  • Independently validated by National Labs and multiple customers
  • Multiple layers of protection at the chemistry, cell and system level mitigates risk
  • Nanophosphate® technology retains performance enabling less pack oversizing
  • At low rates our cells can deliver thousands of cycles at 100% depth of discharge
  • Energy and power capability retained over extended life
  • High rate and deep cycling capabilities mean greater battery utilization
  • Deeper cycling and a wider usable SOC range means higher usable energy; more of the battery’s energy can actually be utilized in the application.
  • High usable energy enables less pack oversizing for superior price-performance
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